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I'm glad you're here. My name is Daniel Petrov. I was born and brought up in Moscow, I’am 34. I graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities, I've been an independent tour guide and a member of the Moscow Guide's Association for over 10 years.

I'll help you to discover this unusual and versatile place. The city of imperial double-headed eagles on Iversky gates and the Soviet five-pointed stars on the Kremlin's towers and on subway walls. The city where victorious Apollo gracing the Bolshoi Theatre is in the same neighborhood as Stalin's State Planning Committee with the hammer and sickle on the facade. You'll feel a unique atmosphere of the place in Red Square while standing between the St Basil's Cathedral and Lenin's mausoleum or visiting quiet and peaceful Novodevichy Convent.

On arrival in Moscow I can meet you at the airport, at your hotel or area of choice for a panoramic tour of the city (3-4 hrs) which will show you all the main sights of Moscow, and includes a stop in the Red Square in front of St Basil Cathedral . Then the next day or the same one we can do something else.

Besides the obvious sights that everybody needs to see like the Kremlin and the Tretyakov gallery I’ll take you outside the city center to show you the life of the average people.I’ll show you the Soviet era houses where Moscovites live, parks where they relax, shops where they buy their food. And all this is within 15 min ride from the Red Square. I’ll show you things that you won’t see on the tour bus.

Areas to be visited can be tailored to suit your particular interests. I will suggest an itinerary to match your interests and timeframe.

My charge is 12* Euro per hour for up to 5 people and 15 Euro per hour for groups of 5-10 people.

And it is 5 Euro per hour for students

*The price doesn’t include entry fees and transportation cost

I' m looking forward to seeing you in Moscow!

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Leonid Klet, Ruth Decalo and Vladimir Kamsky for their help in creation of this website.

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  • Mayakovsky`s Moscow

    26 Мая 2011

    Mayakovsky`s Moscow

    Mayakovsky`s Moscow Vladimir Mayakovsky, avant-garde poet, painter and revolutionary, committed suicide 80 years ago. No one knows exactly why, on April 14, 1930, he chose to shoot himself in his small room at the top of an apartment block in Lubyanka.

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  • The charge of the bucket brigade

    26 Мая 2011

    The charge of the bucket brigade

    The charge of the bucket brigade by Roland Oliphant at 03/06/2010 19:35 Muscovites appear to have had enough of high-ranking officials using “migalki” – flashing blue lights that allow drivers to ignore ordinary traffic rules. Protesters have begun to tape blue buckets to their own cars, drive slowly, and film genuine “migalki” users.

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  • A Stroll Around Moscow’s Boulevard Ring

    14 Августа 2008

    A Stroll Around Moscow’s Boulevard Ring

    One of the great summer pleasures in Moscow is a long leisurely walk along the city’s leafy boulevards. The pedestrian-friendly boulevard ring – built where the city’s 16th-century fortifications once stood, and divided into variously named sections – is part of the city’s lore, immortalized in art, literature and film.

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    10 Апреля 2008

    A Hippie's Take On Dacha Life

    The domed shadow of a collapsing church fell across the frozen mud road of the village of Dubrovki. Three horses stamped silently in the moonlight, waiting to take their riders across the Kholokholnya River to Uncle Pasha"s dacha.

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