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Private Moscow tour: back to the USSR!
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  • Mayakovsky`s Moscow

    26 Мая 2011

    Mayakovsky`s Moscow

    Mayakovsky`s Moscow Vladimir Mayakovsky, avant-garde poet, painter and revolutionary, committed suicide 80 years ago. No one knows exactly why, on April 14, 1930, he chose to shoot himself in his small room at the top of an apartment block in Lubyanka.

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  • The charge of the bucket brigade

    26 Мая 2011

    The charge of the bucket brigade

    The charge of the bucket brigade by Roland Oliphant at 03/06/2010 19:35 Muscovites appear to have had enough of high-ranking officials using “migalki” – flashing blue lights that allow drivers to ignore ordinary traffic rules. Protesters have begun to tape blue buckets to their own cars, drive slowly, and film genuine “migalki” users.

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  • A Stroll Around Moscow’s Boulevard Ring

    14 Августа 2008

    A Stroll Around Moscow’s Boulevard Ring

    One of the great summer pleasures in Moscow is a long leisurely walk along the city’s leafy boulevards. The pedestrian-friendly boulevard ring – built where the city’s 16th-century fortifications once stood, and divided into variously named sections – is part of the city’s lore, immortalized in art, literature and film.

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  • A Hippie's Take On Dacha Life

    10 Апреля 2008

    A Hippie's Take On Dacha Life

    The domed shadow of a collapsing church fell across the frozen mud road of the village of Dubrovki. Three horses stamped silently in the moonlight, waiting to take their riders across the Kholokholnya River to Uncle Pasha"s dacha.

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